Interactive Art

Community Mural, Root 222 Consisting of Schon Wanner, Deric Hettinger, Anthony Mark

This project will feature a series of crayon & pastel drawings created by attendees. Root 222 will take that inspiration to paint a large-scale, improvisational, composition using paints to cover the drawings creating a ‘wax resistance relief’ with a fine art finish.



Digital Drum Circle, Andrew Chapin

This will be a simple exercise in music production utilizing the Ableton platform. Using digital drum pads Andrew will aid participants in creating their own tracks which will be combined to create a simple, community-sourced, composition. This exercise will create a unique loop-based piece of music to soundtrack our stop motion animation
the project below.



Stop Motion Animation, J.C. Ayala

For this station, we will have a table with various props and cardboard cut-outs to be captured and moved around by festival attendees. All movement on this surface will be well documented by a pair of ipads suspended above. With community participation, the various objects will be moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played asa continuous sequence. This animation will then be soundtracked and given to Habitat as an edited video to be used for promotion.


Veer Googles: Virtual Habitat Build Experience, Jason Morris

This will be a completely immersive and interactive Virtual Reality experience walking participants through an actual build that is currently being executed by Habitat for Humanity. Whether you have experimented with VR or not, this spectacle will be a cutting-edge journey into the heart of Habitat’s mission.



Adapted Interactive Contribution, Jeff Stumhofer

Jeff’s schedule has changed a bit and he will not be on-site to work on the “Improv Apparel Station” as planned. Never one to let time hold him down Jeff has taken on a “new concept” that we will be revealing on-site.