Habitat for Humanity

habitat-for-humanity-jubileeWe are so pleased to be partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Berks County for Jubilee for the second year in a row! Their efforts in our community are being seen throughout many areas in Berks County.

Through their vision and by putting into action their mission, they are helping families to put down roots and call Reading, PA home sweet home.

Now that’s worth celebrating!

Habitat for Humanity of Berks County is to be among the major housing leaders in our community for neighborhood revitalization by providing affordable housing and home ownership opportunities for our client families.

Enable people from all walks of life to work together and build homes, communities, and hope.

Habitat for Humanity is improving the way our city looks, rehabilitating homes and choosing the good, hardworking families who will purchase and live in them. Their work not only improves neighborhoods but also changes lives. Homebuyers children finally have a stable place to live.

Grades go up, teen pregnancy and drug use go down. Converting renters into owners is a very important step toward our area’s recovery. Homeowners are more civic minded and participate more in the community. They are driven to do so by a desire to protect that which, for many, is their largest financial asset, their home.

These homeowners are now invested in seeing things improve. They become part of our community watch, reducing crime and encouraging other residents to improve their homes, giving added hope to our community.

With Habitat’s vision & work in the city, #readingontherise is becoming a reality!

Before - Reading, PA
Before – Reading, PA
After - Reading, PA
After – Reading, PA

Who is Pollen Consolidated?

Pollen Consolidated is a partnership between Rich and Amy Johnson based in Reading, PA. With their combined experience in event planning and production it was a natural progression to form an expanded arts and entertainment company.

They are dedicated to giving each client the tools and expertise to host successful events that strengthen their brand, foster relationships with existing clients and engage a new audience.

Their unparalleled attention to detail and logistical knowledge will provide a unique touch as well as offer solutions to meet the goals of every project.